A Minimalist Baker cookbook review

Minimalist Baker Cookbook: Banana Chocolate Pecan Muffin Recipe
Any serious review of a cookbook from the Minimalist Baker must involve some baking!

As a long-time fan, I rushed to purchase my copy of the Minimalist Baker cookbook, titled Everyday Cooking, as soon as it hit the (virtual) shelves! And after testing a few recipes from the book, I can say that it did not disappoint. Actually, let’s be honest here: this cookbook should be part of your collection of vegan cookbooks for beginners. Yes, it’s that good.

In a hurry?

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Why I love Minimalist Baker recipes

I remember the first recipe I tried from Minimalist Baker: it was a 5-ingredient granola bar recipe that blew my mind in how simple and quick it was, using very common ingredients I had around the house. This was the beginning of a loving relationship with this site and its wonderful recipe author (and incredible food photographer) Dana.

The philosophy behind the Minimalist Baker recipes is simple: they use 10 ingredients or less, require one pot or bowl, and/or can be made in 30 minutes or less. Talk about making it easy for people to adopt a plant-based diet!

Although Dana from the Minimalist Baker does not refer to herself as “vegan”, all her recipes are plant-based and do mention vegan alternatives for non-vegan ingredients (like replacing honey with agave syrup, for example).

What to expect from the Minimalist Baker Everyday Cooking cookbook

Minimalist Baker Everyday CookingMinimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

The Minimalist Baker cookbook contains 101 plant-based recipes, most of which are also gluten-free or can be easily adapted to be gluten-free.

These are also recipes not available on the web site, so you don’t feel like you are buying a rehash of old content you could be getting for free.

And something else that makes this cookbook stand apart from the competition: all recipes come with their nutritional information! I thought every cookbook had this, but after checking a few of my other vegan cookbooks, I saw that it wasn’t necessarily a standard. I’m not picky about how many calories or grams of fat a dish has, but for folks who are monitoring their diets and intake, it can be really useful information. All the nutritional information can be found at the end of the cookbook.

All recipes in the book are organized in the typical sections, such as breakfast, appetizers, mains and desserts, with a generous offering of soup and salad recipes, as well as tentalizing main dishes.



Three recipes tested for you from the Minimalist Baker cookbook

As with all my other reviews of vegan cookbooks for beginners, I like to test recipes to give you an honest opinion on the experience and the outcome. I tested three recipes this time: a main dish, a salad and, obviously, something baked!

Wonderful quick vegan recipes for weeknight dinners like the smashed black bean green chili taquitos

Minimalist Baker Cookbook: Smashed Black Bean Green Chili Taquitos recipe
These were so easy to make, they became a weeknight classic at home

I asked my boyfriend to pick a recipe he’d like to try from the cookbook, and he chose the smashed black bean green chili taquitos. He loves spicy food, and this recipe did not disappoint. Although it looked a bit complicated to make these crispy black bean rolls, it was actually surprisingly easy, quick, and the result was amazing. They even re-heat well the following day. We made a basic side-salad, some guacamole, and voilà! A perfect weeknight dinner.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our test of the recipe. This was the very first time we tried it, so easy to make you cannot fail.

Simple and tasty meals like this cashew soba noodle salad

Minimalist Baker Cookbook: Cashew Soba Noodle Salad recipe
Nobody said that a salad should be boring… case in point!

This recipe was my pick from the Minimalist Baker cookbook, I selected it based only on the picture. How can you not wanna try this salad, it’s so colorful! Although Dana’s photo is much better than mine, you can see the eye appeal with the picture above.

I don’t think often to include soba noodles in my salads, but I absolutely love them. We used buckwheat soba noodles that you can find quite easily at the grocery store. The recipe also called for cashew butter, but I find that most nut butters are so expensive these days, I used unsalted, plain peanut butter and the result was fantastic. We were left with extra sauce after making the salad, I’m sure we can find other dishes to use it in, such as a pad thai or for seitan skewers.

Salad leftovers also make a great lunch the following day.

And obviously, incredible cookie, cake and muffin recipes such as the banana chocolate pecan muffin

A fair review of the Minimalist Baker cookbook has to include some baking. I’m not a big baker, but I know my way around muffins. So for this review, I tested the banana chocolate pecan muffin recipe (see photo at the beginning of the post). I always have bananas in the freezer, I keep all the ones that are too ripe to eat in a freezer bag and use them for banana bread or muffins.

I’ve tried many, many vegan muffin recipes, not all turn out great but this one was a hit. I brought the extra muffins at work in the morning and they disappeared in no time. It’s amazing how people look at you in disbelief when you tell them the muffins are vegan. These turned out so moist, they rival any ordinary muffin made with eggs. And with the generous chocolate chunks, large pecan pieces, they make fantastic mid-morning snacks.

You’ll want to try the quick easy vegan recipes from the Minimalist Baker cookbook

The verdict is unanimous: if you love vegan cooking and need a reliable source of quick easy vegan recipes, you need to get yourself a copy of the Minimalist Baker cookbook called Everyday Cooking.

Minimalist Baker's Everyday CookingMinimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

Minimalist Baker Cookbook


Do you need the Minimalist Baker cookbook? Only if you love quick vegan recipes!

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