This vegan food box is filled with different healthy vegan products every month!

Little Life Box vegan food box content for June 2015

I’ve tried various vegan subscription boxes since I started this blog and recently, I discovered Little Life Box, a vegan food box made right here in Canada!

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Why subscription boxes? Because they are a great way for new vegans to discover amazing vegan products!

Little Life Box comes in two different versions, the original or the vegan box, and both include healthy food products as well as a few personal care products samples. When you subscribe to Little Life Box, every month, you receive a combination of easy to prepare foods, spices, condiments, snacks, and much more! Both the original and the vegan box go for $19 per month, plus $8 for shipping to any province in Canada. A monthly subscription box will include 10-12 items. If you subscribe for three, six or twelve months, you will also save a lot of money on each individual box!

Why I subscribed to a vegan food box made in Canada?

There’s a definitive advantage to the Little Life Box when you are from Canada, compared to getting subscription boxes from the States: no currency conversion! There was a time, not too long ago, when the Canadian dollar was at par with the greenback, but as I write this, in June 2015, it is no longer the case. Everything I purchase in American dollars ends up costing me a few dollars extra once I convert to Canadian dollars. Add a delivery fee, also in US, and the monthly total for subscription boxes can become quite expensive! With Little Life Box, I pay only $27 for 10-12 items that have a minimum value of $35, which happen to often be full-size and quite the deal compared to buying each individually.

Little Life Box offers a vegan food box

Another advantage of having a Canadian vegan food box is knowing that all products I discover every month are available to buy in Canada.

A monthly vegan food box with a personal touch, it feels like a gift from a friend!

When you first receive the Little Life Box, it looks pretty ordinary, except for the name of the company printed on the cover. But once you open the box, it feels as if someone put a little personal touch in preparing the box for you. Look at this beautiful postcard included in the June box, already setting the tone for a Summer theme (last month’s theme was Fair Trade).

Attention to detail in my Little Life Box vegan food box

And how cute is this tissue paper? I unwrapped the content of the box very gently so I could reuse the tissue paper for future gifts. I loved the feeling of opening my Little Life Box, it was as if I was opening a present from a friend!

You’ll find mostly full-size vegan products in this subscription box

I recorded my unboxing of last month’s edition of the Little Life Box (May) so you could see how many products are included in a typical shipment, and notice that most of the products included are full-size.

The beauty products are typically samples, but not the food products. This month (June) was no exception, here is the full content of the box:

Little Life Box vegan food box content for June 2015

Little Life Box vegan food box content for June 2015At first, I noticed the full-size bottle of fair trade soy sauce, an item that always goes to good use in my kitchen as soy sauce can be used in many recipes. There was also some natural cinnamon gum, an interesting product to try but since the flavor does not last a long time, this is probably not something I would purchase. Then, the box also included a sample size of full spectrum holy basil that you can include in drinks or smoothies. Hmm, I think I will need to come up with a great smoothie recipe to test this little item.

Little Life Box vegan food box content for June 2015The box also included Goddess Garden sunscreen (two samples, one water resistant for sports and one regular for every day use). I’m going to test these products over the next few days, as the weather is supposed to be sunny, and maybe get the full-size products which are currently on sale at Well.ca. Why is natural sunscreen so important? I invite you to check out EWG’s 2015 Guide to Sunscreen to learn more about the dangerous ingredients that are commonly found in most sunscreen brands. In addition to the sunscreen, I had a small sample of natural deodorant cream

Little Life Box vegan food box content for June 2015Finally, look at all these food products. The blue and white shaker is a mix of seeds and sprouted grains you can sprinkle on your meals to get additional nutrients. Then, from right to left, there is a Tex Mex Burger mix from Gogo Quinoa (just add water and cook, how clever), a supplement to make nutrient rich smoothies, a superfood trail mix (I think I’ve seen this in stores and it’s at least $6-7), a mini snack bar, and two samples of Summer teas from the Four O’clock collection.

With so many great products to discover every month, it is wonderful to have a vegan food box made here in Canada. What are you waiting for? Click here to subscribe and get your own box delivered monthly.

Little Life Box offers a vegan food box

A vegan food box made in Canada!

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  • November 26, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Hi there
    I purchased a 3 month subscription last month for my daughter, Andrea MacMurtry as she is a new vegan. However, nothing has shown up yet and I’m a little worried. Her birthday is in December and we ordered for the boxes to show up in November, December and January. Could someone check into this to see if there is a problem with shipping? Thanks so very much.

    Marlene MacMurtry


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