The 6 best sites to buy vegan products online

Buy vegan products online

If you cannot find vegan products in the stores in your area, it’s really easy these days to buy vegan products online. However, not all sites are equal when it comes to buying vegan food online or finding the perfect vegan gift for a friend.

After much research, trial and error, and many, many online purchases, here is our ultimate guide to buying vegan products online.

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#1: Amazon (USA & international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_AmazonOf all the places you can buy vegan products online, I would turn to Amazon first, especially for vegan food. Why?

  • Trusted name
  • Great selection
  • Easy to search for vegan products
  • Shipping is more often than not free, especially for Prime members (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)
  • Popular brands such as Follow Your Heart, Hampton Creek, Earth Balance, and Tofurky are available
  • Lots of customer reviews, so you can check what others are saying about the product before buying it

As an example, here is a small sample of vegan foods you can buy online through Amazon:

There is one disadvantage of buying through Amazon: the product selection is not consistent throughout country-specific sites. Amazon.com has a rich selection of vegan food products online; Amazon.ca… not so much. Also, some food items might only ship in bulk. Not a problem if the item is something you buy regularly (it’s actually a great way to save), but maybe not the best strategy when trying a product for the first time.

#2: Vegan Essentials (USA & international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_VeganEssentials

The site Vegan Essentials was voted best online vegan store for 10 years in a row. They do have a good selection of vegan food items, as well as personal care products and many, many other vegan products (clothing, books, etc.).

There are many benefits to buying through Vegan Essentials:

  • Everything is vegan!
  • Popular brands such as Follow Your Heart, Hampton Creek, Earth Balance, and Tofurky are available
  • They ship in the USA, but also to many other countries around the world
  • Their prices are competitive (but shipping it not free)
  • Clothing and shoes are sourced from vendors that offer fair labor standards
  • You can read customer reviews, although the numbers are much smaller compared to Amazon

#3: Well (Canada and USA shipping only)


I buy almost all my vegan personal care and vegan supplements at Well.ca. Not all the products sold on Well are vegan, but vegan products are really easy to identify as they have a little carrot icon under the product name.

I choose Well when I buy vegan products online for the following reasons:

  • Vegan products are easy to find (not only with the icon, but it’s often a category you can use to filter out non-vegan products)
  • The selection of vegan products is quite extensive
  • Shipping is free on any order over $29
  • Ordering is easy and delivery is extremely fast
  • They regularly have good sales on (subscribe to their newsletter to find out when your favorite product is on sale)

Although Well does sell food products, I’ve not used them often to buy vegan food online. However, they also offer a decent selection of food products, it’s worth checking out as an option!

#4: Vegan Supply (Canada, USA and international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_VeganSupplyI recently discovered the Vegan Supply online store and I had to include them in this list because they have a great selection of vegan food products. Based in Vancouver, they ship all across Canada, but elsewhere in the world also. If you happen to live in Vancouver, you can even pick up your oder to save on shipping!

Most of the big vegan brands are available at Vegan Supply. I found their prices to be a bit on the higher end, but for Canadian customers, they have the advantage of offering products that are generally hard to find such as:

  • Miyoko vegan cheese and butter
  • Hampton Creek products, such as Just Mayo
  • Earth Balance Mac & Cheese

#5: Etsy (USA & international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_Etsy

Although this might seem like a curious recommendation when it comes to buying vegan products online, I think Etsy is the best place to find vegan gifts, as well as unique vegan items such as funny vegan t-shirts and high-end vegan handbags.

I would not start shopping for vegan food on Etsy, but I do regularly search the site for vegan-themed items. Recently, I bought my boyfriend and I rings with the word “VEGAN” written on them, as well as the date of our first date inscribed inside the rings. We met through a vegan Facebook group, so I thought this was a neat way to remind ourselves that veganism brought us together.

#6: VeganCuts (USA & international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_VeganCutsThe VeganCuts brand is better known for their monthly snack and beauty subscription boxes. However, the VeganCuts marketplace is a great place to find vegan makeup, vegan handbags and a few other cool vegan products.

I’ve been a VeganCuts snack box and beauty box subscriber for a while now, and the quality of the products they ship is always stellar. This is why I feel quite comfortable recommending VeganCuts as a site to buy vegan products online.

VeganCuts often has themed boxes which allow you to try various vegan products. Here are a few examples:

So VeganCuts is not only a great place to buy vegan products online, it’s a great way to discover new vegan products by buying one of their boxes, or even better: getting a monthly subscription box!

Not the best vegan store: Pangea Vegan Products (USA & international shipping)

Buy vegan products online_Pangea

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Pangea Vegan Store, but it is another option when you are looking to buy vegan products online.

Why don’t I recommend this store?

  • The search engine is not optimized, making it really hard to find products
  • Most of the brands are less known, which doesn’t mean they are bad, just that you’d be experimenting a bit
  • There are no customer reviews of the products, which mean you’d be experimenting a bit more

They do however ship to the USA and around the world, so if you are in a country where it’s difficult to find local vegan stores, Pangea might be an option. However, I would try Amazon, Well, or Vegan Essentials first!

Buy vegan products online

2 thoughts on “Buy vegan products online

  • September 23, 2017 at 5:05 am

    Does anyone knows which online store stocks King’s Vegetarian Food’s products? I tried their products in Toronto and they were a great alternative asian food for veggie lover. I was hoping Vegan Supply has it but they didn’t… have a look at the list here. http://kingsvegetarianfood.ca/products

    • September 30, 2017 at 8:44 am

      From what I can tell John, it doesn’t seem like they sell their products online. They do have an extensive list of stores that carry their brand, but none of the online stores listed above carry them. Let me know if you find one, these look like great products! I might check them out next time I am in Toronto!


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