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Perfectly Posh skin care product catalog

Since going vegan, for most of my skincare needs, I’ve turned to Lush Cosmetics. I know the company’s commitment to avoiding any testing on animals and many of their products are vegan as well. A few weeks ago, I was invited to test a new line of skin care products called Perfectly Posh. One of their representatives, the lovely April Slipsager, wanted to get honest feedback in exchange of a few samples. This was an offer difficult to resist, especially since April assured me the samples she’d send me would all be vegan! I was in.

Perfectly Posh products are made in the US and sold through individual representatives, in a manner similar to Avon or Mary Kay products. The big difference here is that Avon and Mary Kay recently returned to testing their products on animals, as this was a requirement for them to enter the profitable Chinese market. Perfectly Posh does not test its products on animals and, aside from a few animal-based ingredients (milk, honey, beeswax), uses mainly plant-based ingredients and essential oils.

I asked April why she decided to start selling Perfectly Posh products, and here is her response: 

I joined Perfectly Posh because finding naturally based, affordable products wasn’t easy.  When I came across Perfectly Posh I knew it would become addicting and the friends I shared it with were immediately pleased, so I decided to join as a consultant to help spread the word about Posh (and because I knew I was going to need a personal discount on the products I wanted to use!)  So far I haven’t found a product that I don’t love and have incorporated many into my daily routine. I’m happy to share Perfectly Posh with as many people as possible because it’s a company and product I feel good about.

So here is my review of a few Perfectly Posh products April sent me.

First Impressions

Perfectly Posh vegan skin care productsI received an envelope with my samples and the Perfectly Posh catalog shortly after getting in touch with April. Before trying any of the products, I was already seduced by both the quirky names of the products and the colorful pages of the catalog featuring models looking like 50’s bombshells and pin-ups. Posh is right, but you do not have to marry a Beckam to buy these products, as they are all priced under $25!

However, I became a little bit apprehensive at the idea of testing the products because my neat little pile of sample containers gave off a fairly potent smell. Nothing smelled bad, but the smell was strong. I usually prefer to use lightly scented products, or even unscented products. That’s usually why I never enter the Lush stores and order everything I buy from them online!

Testing, Testing… One, Two…

Since I committed to product reviews, well, I had the try the different products and after having completed the tests, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised! My skin is very sensitive, and did not react to any of the products I tested. I usually see it as a sign the company does not use harsh chemicals in their formulas. I’m your canary in the mine, and the bird is still signing 🙂

In total, I tested nine different products, so here it goes:

Perfectly Posh's Delish! Sulfate Free Foaming Face WashDelish! Sulfate Free Foaming Face Wash

A little goes a long way for this face wash, even with a tiny sample container, I was able to wash my face day and night for several days. The smell of the product is very discreet, and after washing, my skin did not feel dry. I have mixed, sensitive skin and could definitely see this product as a part of my regular personal care routine.

Perfectly Posh's Down With Dirty Big Fat Yummy Hand CremeDown With Dirty Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

I think this was the culprit for the heavy scent that permeated in my bathroom after I did my tests. Although I did not care for the strong smell (the product description said relaxing lavender, which is not how I would describe what my nose was picking up), the hand creme was rich yet easily absorbed by my skin, leaving my hands feeling soft. No greasy feeling whatsoever! But even after washing, my hands still smelled. Buyer beware!

Perfectly Posh's Hottie Patottie Big Fat Yummy Hand CremeHottie Patottie Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

Fresh from my first experience with another Perfectly Posh hand creme, I was quite hesitant to repeat the experience. This time however, the sweet brown sugar vanilla scent was more my cup of tea. Again, the creme was easily absorbed and did not leave a greasy film behind. This would be my obvious preference between the two!

Perfectly Posh's We Put De Lime in De Coconut Body ScrubWe Put De Lime in De Coconut Body Scrub

Did I mention the quirky product names? How cute is this one. My sample container was a bit small for a full body experience, but the experience was quite delightful. The lime is the fragrance that pops out of this scrub, giving you a sense of being crisp clean after using it. I also appreciated finding out that the scrubbing ingredients were sugar and sea salt, not those awful plastic microbeads.

Perfectly Posh's Mint For Each Other ChunkMint For Each Other Chunk

I guess a chunk would be a soap bar and this was also had scrubbing capabilities! I love the smell of mint, and this is exactly what I smelled while lathering up and giving some of the rougher spots of my body (post winter dryness) a good rub with the bar.

Perfectly Posh's Gender Bender ChunkGender Bender Chunk

I would see this bar being a big hit with the guys, as the scent is definitely more masculine, but I have to admit that it was not unpleasant at all to try it on myself. Containing some activated charcoal (the bar is black, but don’t worry, it doesn’t stay black on the skin), this chunk is said to pollutants your skin might be exposed to on a daily basis. As it contains shea butter, the soap is also not drying. After a few days of scrubbing with the MFEO chunk, I started using this one.

Perfectly Posh's Seas the Day ChunkSeas the Day Chunk

This entire testing experience was going to leave me truly clean, no doubt about it! This was my third chunk test and I almost wished it had been the first as it was the one with the most gentle smell. With shea butter and cherry extract, this pink little bar really goes a long way into cleansing your skin and leaving it glowing afterwards. And I was also impressed by how long this bar lasted (my sample was shattered in chunks during shipping, yet every little chunk could almost make it through an entire body lathering). My skin was left soft and shiny. I love shea butter!

Perfectly Posh's Daily Grind Snarky BarDaily Grind Snarky Bar

Rubbing yourself with coffee? Oh yeah! This bar is said to be great on the toughest parts of your body and feet. I could not really tell the difference between the snarky and my mint chunk, as far as scrubbing power was concerned. The scent was rather neutral and discreet.

Although all the chunks and snarky bars are listed under bath, they work quite well in the shower!

Saving the Best for Last

Perfectly Posh's Walk on the Beach Sand Foot ScrubWalk on the Beach Sand Foot Scrub

You remember how soft your feet feel after a long walk on the beach, maybe when you were on vacation at a resort or exploring the more exotic beaches of the world? I remember, it’s such a wonderful feeling, yet how quickly do our feet turn back to their old dry selves… Not anymore. This foot scrub, as I used it daily, gave me back that feeling. So simple, using sand and sea salt, yet so effective. This quickly became my favorite product in the sample kit I received.

Perfectly Posh vegan skin care products

5 thoughts on “Perfectly Posh vegan skin care products

  • May 19, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    These all sound like great vegan skin care products. Skin care is so important, especially for us women who work a lot harder than men 😉

  • September 14, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    I would love to try some samples of perfectly posh, heard great reviews . Thank you.

    • September 27, 2017 at 6:58 am

      Hello Tina, as I am not a Perfectly Posh consultant, I would recommend going to their site and finding a consultant near you. I would have recommended you contact April who sent me the products for this article, but she no longer seems to be active. Simply go to https://www.perfectlyposh.com/ and click Find a consultant at the top.

  • November 14, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Hey ladies! I’m a Perfectly Posh consultant and would gladly share some of our products with you. I absolutely love the products and how they make me feel. Don’t hesitate to email me at kelly0343@yahoo.com or visit my website http://kellykozjek.po.sh for more info!


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