Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook is another bestseller from chef Chloe Coscarelli!

Chloe's vegan italian cookbook: Bowties in garlic cream sauce

I’m probably not going to surprise anyone when I say that Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook is a revelation for any fan of great italian cuisine. Having worked in the past in Montreal’s Little Italy, I have had my fair share of traditional italian dishes. Recreating a classic tomato sauce with vegan ingredients is pretty simple, but can a vegan recipe bring me back to the creamy and garlicky taste of a plate of fettucine alfredo? If the recipe is from vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli, it sure can!

And best of all, the recipes are super easy, so this is another great addition to my list of vegan cookbooks for beginners.

Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook is filled with great italian recipes you’d never believe were vegan!

Chloe's vegan italian cookbookChloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen

I cannot say enough good things about this book, it has become one of my new inspirations for recipes, especially during the week. The dishes are simple, easy to make, and use ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. After testing a few recipes, I can say that the results are spectacular. This books is also not just about pasta: it contains 150 pizza, pasta, pesto, risotto, salad and other recipes, including a few dolce (sweets) recipes such as tiramisu cupcakes and chocolate-dipped almond biscotti. Yes, you read that right: tiramisu cupcakes! I’m trying that recipe this weekend, especially considering that Chloe Coscarelli became an overnight sensation after winning “Cupcake Wars”. You think the girl knows her way around cupcakes, right?


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What are some of the recipes you can find in Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook?

Here are a few of the dishes you’ll find in this cookbook. I also included their Italian names, taken from the book. Doesn’t everything sound more delicious and fancy when said in Italian? Practice your accent and go ahead, impress the family with these yummy dishes!

  • baked Italian onion rings (anelli di cipolla al forno)
  • creamed spinach (vellutata di spinaci)
  • artichoke pesto pasta salad (insalata di pasta al pesto di carciofi)
  • summer bread salad (panzanella) – one of my personal favorites!
  • fabulous focaccia (focaccia al rosmarino)
  • crumbled sausage and mozzarella pizza (pizza con salsiccia sbriciolata e mozzarella) – with a homemade vegan sausage recipe!
  • and many, many more!

Testing three recipes from the Vegan Italian Kitchen Cookbook

I don’t believe it’s fair to write a cookbook review without testing a few recipes, don’t you agree? Here is an honest, hands-on commentary on three recipes from Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook.

Avocado caprese pasta salad

Chloe's vegan italian cookbook: Avocado caprese pasta salad

This salad is beautiful and fresh, using a simple vinaigrette made with olive oil (use your best bottle here), freshly squeezed lemon juice, minced garlic, sea salt and crushed red pepper. I had a very ripe avocado for this dish, so when I mixed all the ingredients together, it fell apart and added a buttery taste to the pasta. As I wanted to eat this as my main meal, I added black beans to increase the protein content. It worked really well. Unfortunately, this salad does not keep well, as the avocado darkens quite a bit even with the lemon juice in the dressing. It’s preferable to enjoy it freshly made!

Wild-mushroom farro with lemon, mint, and artichokes

Chloe's vegan italian cookbook: Wild mushroom farro with artichoke

I had never had farro before, but it was fairly easy to find at the supermarket. In French, the translation for both farro and spelt is the same, but some research showed that these two grains are different. Farro is high in fiber and a good source of iron and protein. Then you add wild mushroom, lemon, mint and artichokes to the mix and you have a party in your mouth. If anything, this dish has also helped me get acquainted with yet another grain to add to my pantry for other vegan experiments. The dish reheats well the day after and was truly enjoyed as a lunch the following day.

Bowties in garlic cream sauce

(photo at the beginning of the post) I work in a small office and we usually always eat lunch together. This means that everyone smells your lunch as it’s coming out of the microwave, and with this dish, I heard, over and over: “wow, that smells so good!” Indeed it did!

I’ve made myself creamy sauces from soaked cashews in the past, but somehow, this sauce had a perfect balance of creamy texture and garlic flavor, you almost forget that there is zero dairy in this recipe! I loved also the idea of adding sundried tomatoes, they added a nice kick. Next time, I might replace the tomatoes with vegan bacon bits. Yum!

Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook still gets top reviews in Amazon!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? So why should you believe one person’s review of the Vegan Italian Kitchen cookbook when there are hundreds of great comments and reviews left in Amazon on this specific cookbook.

Check out what the latest buyers had to say about their purchase:

Chloes vegan italian cookbook: look at these amazing reviews!

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Chloe’s vegan italian cookbook: my review of Vegan Italian Kitchen

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