A vegan snack box to discover amazing vegan products every month!

Vegan snack box UrthBox

I was so excited this month to receive my very first vegan snack box!

UrthBox is a monthly vegan subscription snack box

There are subscription boxes for many things: pet products, cosmetics, personal care products and even food. But did you know you could subscribe to a monthly delivery of delicious, all-vegan snacks?

$25 Vegan Snack Box! Get New Vegan Foods & Snacks Delivered Every Month!

The company putting together these boxes is called UrthBox. With a subscription, every month, you can have the pleasure of discovering healthy, sweet or salty vegan snacks.

I received my March box last week (OK, that was pretty late in the month!) and this was my first delivery, so I was curious to see what kind of snacks would be included and the size of these snacks as well. The picture you see above is the small box at $19.99 per month and it included more than 10 products, most of them at a decent snack size (not only samplers). Except for the hemp hearts, all other snacks were new to me, so the box was a great way to discover new products for a fraction of the cost if I were to buy them individually!

A vegan snack box that lets you select the size of your box

UrthBox snack box start at $12.99 monthly for the mini and go up to $39.99 for the large size. This is great, you can snack as little, or as much as you want. The small size is perfect for one, while the large size would be good for a family. The only challenge will be to separate all those snacks amongst family members without a fight! Who gets first pick?

Unique vegan products in one vegan snack box!

Among my discoveries, let me tell you about two products I found really amazing and different, definitely items I would look to purchase again in the future:

  • Vintage Italia Pasta Chips, Spicy Tomato Herb: oh my, spicy is right! These chips have all the flavor and are oven-baked, which is a lot healthier. I’m more of a salty snack kinda person, so this is the first snack I tried from the box and I ate through that bag like my life depended on it. Yum!
  • CocoBacon® Vegan Organic Coconut Bacon: this is a very interesting product to add a little bacon-like twist and flavor to dishes (in a creamy pasta dish, these would be heavenly).

Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly

A vegan snack box delivered monthly

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