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Running training programs for vegans

I’ve done a bit of running in the past, always while following carefully crafted running training programs. I never ran very fast, but I did enjoy hitting the pavement, the regular beat of the steps becoming a form of meditation to calm my mind during busy days. My moment of glory was finishing my very first half-marathon in 2006.

Running Training Programs Help Prevent Injury

Once I finished my half-marathon, I took several weeks off and one day figured I would just lace up my shoes and get back in the beat of things. I ran a 10k that day, not much after running 21k (13.1 miles) I figured. That’s when I injured myself. I had not planned my return properly.

Over the years, I hurt my knees, my lower back, and I guess both injuries, although somewhat taken care of, became my go-to excuse to not go back to running. I was also frustrated, because going back to running would mean starting from the very beginning once again, a build-up to what used to be a short run for me, the 5k. I guess I was too proud to go back there, back to the run-walk alternance to develop my running stamina.

I don’t know what changed this year, why my resolve has been so strong, but this week, I decided to go back to training for a run.

Running Training Programs for All Levels… From 5k to Marathon

Running training programs - 5k and 10kProper nutrition, just like pace, stretching, warm-up and cool-down periods, is an important key to any running program, for those just starting to run for the very first time, or getting back to running after a long period time, just like myself. I’ve always known in the past how to eat to keep my energy high during a run and speed my muscles’ recovery, but now that I am running for the very first time as a vegan, I definitely have some questions. I have been a bit active over the past 18 months, daily walks with the dog, weight training at the gym once or twice per week, so I guess that my food intake could be enough as I start running regularly. But I wanted to be sure this time that I would stick to the training program, so I purchased the No Meat Athlete 5k Roadmap: The Plant-Based Guide to Getting Fit, Becoming a Runner, and Loving It.

Running Training Programs with Diet Plans (and Recipes!)

I had done some research on plant-based athletes and programs in the past, and always ended up coming back to the No Meat Athlete. Not only are his running training programs complete, with training plans (how much to run every day to gradually increase your distance), a guide about the mental game one needs to stay committed, training guidelines, and how to love running, but also a complete diet plan, along with simple recipes, to help get the essential nutrients your body needs when adapting to a new exercise plan. The 5k roadmap also includes a 10k training plan, so this program is going to last through a few goals this year: a 5k run to start with at the end of April (oh yeah, that soon), and a few 10k runs later in the year.

Running training programs - Half-marathon Running training programs - Marathon

For those ready to go the extra distance, the No Meat Athlete also has roadmaps for the half-marathon, full marathon, and triathlon. Each program contains a set of PDFs, as well as audio bonuses to work on a runner’s motivation. The 5k starts at a very affordable $19 (this also includes the 10k plan!), while the half and thriathlon programs are $27 and the marathon roadmap is $37. Well worth the material provided in each program if you ask me.

Running training programs - TriathlonSo here it goes! I heard that making a commitment public is the best way to stick to it, I guess as with many things in my life, I’m just throwing myself head first into the challenge, but this time with some solid guidance from the No Meat Athlete.






Go one step further in your vegan running program with the No Meat Athlete Cookbook

The No Meat Athlete Cookbook: Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts_and the Rest of Your LifeThe No Meat Athlete Cookbook: Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts_and the Rest of Your Life

How’s this for some very exciting news! Matt Frazier, who is behind the No Meat Athlete brand, just announced that his upcoming cookbook, The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, is already topping the charts on Amazon. People are very excited to get their hands on this cookbook, so much so that Sports Illustrated included the cookbook in its list of The 7 Best Health & Wellness Books of 2017. For a vegan cookbook to make that list is huge!

If you bought the running training programs and are still looking for inspiration in the kitchen, The No Meat Athlete Cookbook is a healthy addition to your vegan cookbook collection.


Running training programs for vegans

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  • March 20, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Running is great exercise. I can’t even make it a block without huffing and puffing. Good for you for training so diligently.

  • March 23, 2015 at 9:11 am

    The fuel you put in your body to run is very important. What a great resource you have shared here.


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